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Personal Care

Make the right decision

Personal Care


What’s important to them?

Think about what kind of lifestyle best suits your loved one and what facilities and activities are important to them. Is it important that they be near family or are they independent enough to live wherever they choose? Most importantly, determine a budget for their care and find the residence that offers the most value.


It’s about their wellness and well-being

Make sure your loved one truly understands that this change is to enhance or preserve their well-being and health, it's best not to shy away from discussing their concerns in detail or any reasons they might have not to move. Remind them that their safety and well-being is the goal and you are not trying to run their lives or make decisions for them.


Pick many, choose one

Visit the homes on your shortlist, meet the staff and the management of the residence, ask questions and discuss concerns. View the accommodations, amenities and facilities, speak to the residents and stay for a meal. This would also be a good time to inquire about nearby amenities and attractions, hospitals or places of worship.


A few of their favourite things

Plan the move with your loved one well in advance, help them decide what to take with them to their new residence. Some homes allow residents to bring favourite items of furniture. Ask the staff about the move-in process, policies and procedures and book the movers accordingly.


BFF’s they haven’t met yet

Encourage your loved one to meet and mingle with fellow residents and staff, try new things, join a club and participate in activities. Most importantly, give your loved one time to settle down and settle in. They will soon find people with similar interests and life experiences; it just takes a little time.


We care for them like you do

In May of 2018 we asked all of the UniversalCare managed homes to complete a Resident and Family Member Satisfaction survey. These were the high scoring areas:

  • 97% were satisfied/very satisfied with the courtesy of their nursing staff
  • 96% were satisfied/very satisfied with their experience with their home’s Clinical Director
  • 99% said they felt the home respected their dignity
  • 98% said they were satisfied/very satisfied with their home’s Admission Process
  • 97% said they were satisfied/very satisfied with their experience with the home’s Management team
  • 96% said they were satisfied/very satisfied with their home’s programs and activities
  • 95% said they were satisfied/very satisfied with the overall care services of their home
  • 97% said they would recommend the home to a friend

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